If you are interested in auditioning for a role in "Matilda" complete the registration form below



If you are interested in being part of the stage crew, complete the registration form below, but you do not need to select an audition date; you will be contacted about an informational meeting for crew candidates which will take place at a date TBD in September; some years we have had to limit our crew members to middle or high school students, but we will make our decision about this year's crew once we see how many students sign up. Please indicate which area you are interested in (sound, lights, costumes, hair/makeup, props, set building/painting, running crew) - if you do not yet know, that's okay, too! 



If you are an advanced student musician and would like to audition to be part of our orchestra, playing alongside our professional musicians, please complete the registration form below and provide us some information about your musical abilities in the comment section; we will contact you to arrange an audition with our musical director at an agreed upon date in September.